About us

Black Sea Film is an independent Production, Services and Post Production company based in Sofia, Bulgaria lеd by the international acclaimed actress and producer Dessy Tenekedjieva with more than 20 Years of Intensive personal, Business & Managerial experience on the market.

Our mission

We are focused on our own production and co-productions: feature films, documentaries, TV series, and commercials.

BLACK SEA FILM offers also Executive production services in Bulgaria.
We will offer you Bulgaria’s best technical support, pre-production services, location scouting, relations with institutions, casting and set organization, logistics and qualified personnel up to post-production services and CGI effects.
Thanks to our rich experience, we have wide connections and network with all the stakeholders in the industry such as distribution partners, technical equipment providers, local academia, municipalities, Corporate and Cultural communities, media, production and post-production partners, casting agencies, covering all the areas needed for the business success of each project that the company plans to launch in the next years.

Key success

  • Bulgaria offers 25% Cash Rebate for international films and TV production. Read more.
  • Best quality-price ratio: 30-40% lower costs versus average EU for all Production services without compromising the quality.
  • We have a strong tradition in Moviemaking- 3rd Generation of professional Crew teams.
  • Access to amazing young talents: directors, artists, writers, actors, musicians.
  • Large variety of locations.
  • 4 seasons (well-differentiated).
  • Rich historical, cultural and natural background.
  • EU-class infrastructure.

What we do?

The company now has 6 projects already set in the pipeline. The portfolio is diversified and covers multiple genres to penetrate a larger audience in terms of demographics, gender preferences, and end-users’ tastes.

Each of the 6 projects’ success is ensured by preliminary distribution contracts with reliable and experienced distribution partners to lower the risk of and secure the profitability (MG sales) which attracts the Investment opportunities due to its low risk versus high revenue potential and favourable world trends.

Our team

Our team has rich experience in Feature Film, Documentaries, Television, Commercials and Music Videos Production, Design and Creative concepts, Stage Performances, Spectacles, Exhibitions, Charity projects.