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The Wheels Of Heaven

Role Producer
Director Ben Charles Edwards
Year 2022
In this coming-of-age thriller, a troubled young girl meets a charming older boy who gradually gives her the strength to stand up to her abusive stepfather. But is the boy, as he claims, The fallen angel Lucifer sent to guide Iva in her destiny to save the human race? Or a deluded and dangerous cult leader?

Director: Ben Charles Edwards
Created by Ben Charles Edwards and Dessy Tenekedjieva 

Writers: Mike Shilliam

DOP: Dennis Madden

Producer: Dessy Tenekedjieva / Black Sea Film

Co-Producer: Kirsty Bell / Goldfinch Entertainment

Executive Producer: Ben Charles Edwards, Gary Stretch, Philip McKenzie, Nelly Beshirova

Associate Producer: Jana Karaivanova 

Line Producer: Nikolay Genchev 

Production Designer and Costumes: Trinity Tristan, Stamena Stoeva

Black Sea Film / MOON Fox / Goldfinch Entertainment


Gary Stretch 

Dessy Tenekedjieva
Geoff Bell
Lee Ryan
Eleonora Ivanova

Dimitar Nikolov
Radina Borshosh
Mihail Mutafov
Svetlana Yancheva

Ilian Stamenkov
Nelly Beshirova
Ovanes Torosian
Vladimir Mihailov
Malin Krastev