Bulgaria has a rich historical, cultural and natural background which makes it one of the most desirable film-making destinations over the past few years.

Bulgaria's territory has been inhabited since the earliest historical times. Various civilizations have left their mark and heritage on the local lands.

Here you can stumble upon anything from mountains to beautiful coasts, to rapidly growing cities or ancient ruins. With rates beyond comparison and an experienced staff, film-making in Bulgaria remains a prudent choice.

The Balkan is near the same latitude as Northern California, boasting serene mountains and forests, lakes and rivers which can easily replicate the Sierras, the Cascades, the Rockies, or the Appalachians.

The Pirin and Rhodope Mountain ranges can easily play as the High Sierras, Colorado, or the Alps.

Bulgaria also has a rich history that is seen in many monasteries, castles and Roman ruins. Various cities can double for many European Cities while the capital, Sofia, with its many modern, western-style buildings has doubled for Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington DC. On the Black Sea coast, Varna can double for French Riviera locations, while the beaches can play as the Greek Islands, or double for the Los Angeles coast during the warm summer months.

From the airports and government buildings, to universities, to the beautiful seaside, to secluded monasteries, ruins and museums, and in the heart of the crowded downtown streets - our location experience with Eastern Europe is comprehensive.

This is complimented with our many years of contacts within the Bulgarian government, police, fire, transportation and many embassies, allowing us quick access to any location you may seek.

In addition, over the years, films such as Spartacus, Caesar and various Italian television productions have created various large standing sets such as Roman, Middle age castles and old New York streets available for rental.

Bulgaria has a mostly moderate-continental climate with full-range of well-differentiated seasons. During the winter the temperatures are between -2 and 2 C in the low lands and -10 C in the mountains. In the summer they range between 20 and 32 C in the low lands and about 10 in the higher regions. The countryside is blessed with large plains, valleys and lowlands, and a number of beautiful rivers.

Bulgaria’s well-developed tourism infrastructure accounts for the rich choice of high-quality hotels in various Bulgarian cities and regions. The country boasts four and five-star hotels, including major hotel chains such as Sheraton, Hilton and Radisson.

There are active international airports in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas.